• 申请到 退伍军人事务部 教育福利.
    • If approved, submit a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility to Guilford's VA Certifying Official.
  • 注册上课.
  • 一旦您注册了课程,请填写并提交 老兵责任合约* 通过电子邮件、邮件或传真发送给VA认证官员.

Transfer students who have used benefits before at another institution should:

  • 完成并提交 VA表格22-1995* (军人和预备役人员)或 22-5495* (家属/遗属)到退伍军人管理局认证官员.
  • 注册上课.
  • 一旦你注册了课程,完成并提交 老兵责任合约* 通过电子邮件、邮件或传真发送给VA认证官员.


  • 接收第31章的过程, Vocational Rehabilitation benefits is initiated with the 退伍军人 Affairs 区域办事处 and coordinated with a case manager.
  • 请致电800.827.1000,访问 区域办事处 (最近的区域办事处在北侧251号. Main Street, Winston-Salem, NC, 27155)或查看 职业康复网站.

Forms can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to the VA Certifying Official at:

5800 W. 友好的大道



Only courses that satisfy requirements (see your degree evaluation on BannerWeb) can be certified for VA purposes. 如果你选了一门不符合课程要求的课程, 它不能被退伍军人事务部认证. 例如,过多的自由选修课无法获得认证. 退伍军人事务部不允许支付审核课程的费用, 已获得转学分的课程, and courses previously passed with a “D” or better (unless a better grade is required by your major for graduation). 有学分或无学分评分的课程(例如, PHYE 100 Physical Activity courses) can be certified for VA benefits only if the student is eligible for elective credit towards their current program of study. Professional development workshops and courses taken for personal interest are not authorized for certification of VA education benefits.


12学时或以上将支付全额福利, 3 / 4课时,9 - 11学时, 六到八个学时的半学期, less than ½ time for four - five credit hours during normal fall and spring sessions. 为期五周的夏季课程, four credit hours are considered full-time and for the 10-week summer session, 七个学时被认为是全日制. 付款率可在 退伍军人管理局网站.

9/11后GI Bill®和追击率

VA按追求率分配住房津贴. 意义, you must be registered for at least seven credits during the normal fall and spring terms to be eligible for the 基本住房津贴. In order to receive the full 基本住房津贴, you must be registered for 12 credits. 为期五周的夏季课程, four credits are considered full-time. 在为期10周的夏季课程中,七个学分被视为全日制课程. If you are not eligible for the 100% tier, housing payment is also prorated by tier.


An individual who withdraws from one or more courses will be charged an overpayment equal to the amount of ALL tuition and fees, 基本住房津贴, 和黄丝带, 如果适用的话, 在注册期间. 根据退伍军人事务部的说法, all reductions in credit hours (regardless of when they occur) are student debts. Any overage of funds on a student’s account due to a withdrawal from a course(s) will be refunded to the student in accordance with Guilford’s established refund policies. 学生(不是澳门皇冠app)将负责偿还VA.


VA no longer pays for breaks between semesters; meaning, 期望按比例支付的第一个月和最后一个月的期限.

针对911后GI法案的学生, 学费/费用, and book stipend awards are scheduled 14 days prior to the start of the term. 如果你注册了12周的秋季课程或3周的春季课程, VA will not send payment for 学费/费用 and books until later in the semester even though both sessions are certified at the beginning of the term.

一般来说,9/11后的GI Bill®和Ch. 35 Survivors/Dependent students are paid the monthly allowance directly, 前一个月的每个月初. Ch. 30, 1606, and 1607 students receive payment within two weeks of verifying enrollment at the end of the month.


请注意期末成绩可能会影响领取福利的资格. 收到“W”级可能会导致退伍军人管理局的大量超额付款. “F” grades due to a lack of attendance will be reported to the VA and could also cause a large overpayment with the VA. 学生的总分必须达到2分.每学期绩点为0,以保持VA的良好声誉. Guilford is required to report a termination of benefits if an individual goes on academic suspension. A termination of benefits will also result if there are two consecutive terms of GPA below 2.0.


澳门皇冠app是一所黄丝带学校. We have entered into an agreement with VA to fund up to 50 percent of the established charges not already covered under chapter 33. VA将匹配学校额外资助的每一美元. The combined amounts may not exceed the full cost of the school’s established charges. Only individuals entitled to the 100 percent benefit rate (based on service requirements) may receive this funding. 配偶权利转移, 当转让方, 现役军人, 不符合黄丝带计划的资格.

对于Guilford Post 9/11 GI Bill®学生,VA将支付高达26042美元.每年81美元的学费和强制性费用. 曾经是26042美元.81帽用完后,可以使用黄丝带贡献.


If have you questions regarding how to start up your veterans benefits at 澳门皇冠app, 请联系Charlene Bedillion, 经济援助署署长, 在cbedillion@guilford.Edu或336.316.2410.

退伍军人事务部负责管理所有的福利计划. 如果您需要额外的帮助,请拨打VA的免费电话1.888.442.4551与退伍军人福利顾问通话. These counselors are there to help with educational questions and benefits. To apply for benefits and learn what is happening with VA, please visit the U.S. 退伍军人事务部教育服务处 网站.

注册一个 eBenefits帐户 to research, find, access, and manage VA benefits and your personal information.

GI Bill®是美国的注册商标.S. 退伍军人事务部(VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. 政府网站 http://benefits.va.gov/gibill.


College policy restricts institutional financial aid (scholarships/grants) from paying more than 100% of tuition when combined with certain non-Guilford awards. 当你的VA福利覆盖了你100%的学费, there are certain situations in which your VA Benefits will take precedence over any institutional scholarships or grants for which you might otherwise qualify. 这方面的例子包括:

  • 黄丝带学生
  • 100%符合9/11后GI法案的学生

您的100%资格状态是否需要更改, 或者达到学费上限, you would then be able to utilize your institutional scholarship or grant.

  • 澳门皇冠app has partnered with the 退伍军人 Affairs (VA) Administration to offer the 黄丝带 Program Scholarship to students with 100% eligibility under the Post-9/11 GI Bill®.
  • The 黄丝带 Program at 澳门皇冠app will cover 100% of tuition and fees over the Post-9/11 GI Bill® yearly tuition cap (50% funded by Guilford and 50% funded by the 退伍军人事务部.)
  • All students with 100% Post 9/11 GI Bill® eligibility are eligible for the 黄丝带 Scholarship, 现役学生及其配偶除外, 根据退伍军人事务部.
  • 目前,黄丝带基金的上限是无限的.
  • Because the 黄丝带 award is a form of 澳门皇冠app institutional aid, it cannot be combined with any other Guilford scholarships or discounts.


Char Bedillion

Char Bedillion